Emmett Turned Four Years Old Today!


Our little son turned four years old today. There is something incredibly different about four year olds–it was a drastic change in behavior and mentality for Devrie and has been for Emmett as well. We have been truly enjoying Emmett changing from a three year old to a four year old and he has savored the celebration. We’ve had plenty of presents, cake, pie, ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches to celebrate this little guy’s birthday with family and he’s soaked it all up!

He is such a funny, playful, adventurous boy with the sweetest heart and affection for the women in his life. He loves pickles, trains, dump trucks, buses, macaroni and cheese, slides and playgrounds. He’ll eat any kind of dessert or treat no matter how full he may be. He kisses without prompting and constantly tells his sisters and mom they’re beautiful. He is one of our greatest treasures and surprises us daily with his humor. Some of our favorite quotes from Emmett recently are…

  • While Piper is crying, “You remember the Santa song? You better not cry…”
  • “You look so beautiful like that, Nana.”
  • “How about one more and then one more?”
  • “But I really, really want to be a dancing dinosaur pumpkin.”
  • “The dump trash picks you up, then drops you off into space and then picks you up and drops you off at the kiddie pool.”
  • “Guys, I just felt an earthquake.”

Happy Birthday, Emmett Thomas! We love you so.

You can also see Emmett at three, one and a newborn.

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