Apple Farm Tour

A few weeks ago, the kids and I went with a group of friends from our church to Los Rios Rancho for an apple farm tour. I have become enchanted with Oak Glen and adore it. It’s such a change of scenery and pace and it’s beautiful to be up there in the mountains on these ranches.

This tour was such a fun experience as the employees took us through one of their historic barns/factories that was built in 1906 and showed us one of the machines that were used up through the 1960’s to sort and clean the picked apples. We were able to each pick our own apple and eat it as “Johnny Appleseed” taught the kids about all the different types of apples. We then hand-pressed our own gallon of apple cider and got to drink it.

Afterwards, many of us ordered lunch at the ranch’s bakery and restaurant which had such delicious food and the best cherry turnovers Greg and I have ever had (he would have been sorely disappointed if I didn’t bring him home one). It was such a fun day and the kids didn’t want to leave. They kept running around in the field of the mountains, playing chase and sipping on cold apple cider. It was a great day.

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